The new production paradigm. 

Growing in popularity for episodic and theatrical content during the pandemic, virtual production technology is now available for commercial use at Pier59 Studios. 
Ushering in the new era of groundbreaking technology, establishing industry standards and offering unsurpassed creative flexibility, Virtual Production at Pier59 Studios marks the future of storytelling. This disruptive technology brings together advances in LED display, video processing and 3D graphics to combine real-world and digital platforms for a completely immersive experience.


  • Our 65’ LED volume provides the largest virtual production studio in the Northeast, expanding on Pier59 Studios’ existing multimedia studio and live event space.
  • State-of-the-art Disguise media server system provides for a flexible variety of content to the LED volume- from stills, to hi-rez video to fully 3D real-time environments.
  • Combines live action, practical set elements and digital environments for enhanced realism and final pixel produced in real time.
  • Accommodates in-person events, live feeds and hybrids.

Cost savings

By using virtual sets, props & characters, filmmakers can reduce the need for expensive and wasteful physical sets, while saving on location fees and travel. Capturing “final pixel” in camera greatly reduces post-production costs. Multiple virtual locations can be shot in one-day.

Increased control

Changes to content and environments can be made in real-time on set, allowing filmmakers to see the final result in-camera, without having to wait for post-production.

Creative flexibility

Filmmakers can create digital environments that would be impossible or too expensive to create in real life, providing greater creative freedom and the ability to generate new and innovative visual effects.

About In-Camera Visual Effects

An innovative pillar of virtual production, In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX) capture visual effects live and in-camera instead of during the traditional post-production process. Filmmakers and production companies see virtual assets—like talent, props and background—in real time to match the client’s exact vision.

For example, with ICVFX, clients can create a “car process” with LED technology, allowing the background content to play in real time while filming. In capturing the images, the camera brings them to life in a much clearer, crisper way, with an accurate sense of parallax, than what post-production can offer. If you want to see the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip roll by the window while driving, craft the illusion without ever setting foot on location.