A center for international creativity.
Unique to Pier59 Studios’ creative production environment is an in-house restaurant, fully stock bar and catering facility for the exclusive use of clients.
History of front facade of Pier 59
front facade of Pier 59
Building a set
Black and white picture of director on stage
History of front facade of Pier 59front facade of Pier 59Building a setBlack and white picture of director on stage

From the original Pier59 site to the construction and creation of the original Pier59 Studios in 1993. It was the first stop for survivors on the Cunard Lines’ Carpathia before they docked a few blocks south at Pier54 to meet their loved ones. In 1995, Federico Pignatelli founded Pier59 Studios with the intent to repurpose it into the world’s leading studio complex in Manhattan’s fashionable Chelsea district.


Founder + owner of Pier 59 Studios, Art and Fashion Group Corporation

Born in Rome in 1963, Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa hails from a family of ancient Italian nobles with roots dating back to 900 A.D. An international entrepreneur and visionary who founded and owns Pier 59 Studios, Pignatelli is a recognized photographer and film producer in his own right.
Before segueing into prominent careers in international finance in Switzerland and London, he was an Italian real estate developer and leading financial journalist. After successful years in the investment banking business, Pignatelli decided to follow his enduring passion for photography and sought a home for fellow creative visionaries.

In 1995, Pignatelli, along with his Art and Fashion Group Corporation, founded Pier59 Studios to serve the diverse needs of clients from across the globe. It has since evolved to become a successful player in the global film, digital and now, virtual production spaces.