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Calvin Klein is teaming up with Amazon Fashion on holiday pop-ups in New York and Los Angeles and an exclusive online stop at The brick-and-mortar stores will stock classic and exclusive ranges of Calvin Klein underwear and loungewear (all trimmed in logoed elastic bands), while the site will have an added Calvin Klein jeans offering. That’s the fashion component of this collaboration between our industry’s busiest brand and the online retail behemoth. But there’s a whole world of technological activations that will keep shoppers amused, too.

The brick-and-mortar pop-ups are kitted out with Amazon’s latest technology. Each item has a barcode that can be scanned and bought directly on the Amazon app, and is accompanied by a real product review. The downside of this is that nothing has a price—Amazon prices change based on a proprietary algorithm or formula. Don’t ask them how it’s decided—they won’t tell you. I expect real shoppers might be frustrated by the lack of cost information; how will you know if the bralette you want is $30 or $50 without going through the hassle of scanning every tag?

PH: Griffin Lipson/

Both the New York and Los Angeles stores are also monitored by webcams that can be turned on via an Amazon Echo Look and allow shoppers across the country to communicate with each other. Fun or weird? You’ll have to experience it yourself to decide. What’s definitely amusing is the dressing room, where an Amazon Echo is set up to play a Bruno Mars track and change the lighting from simply glowing to a full club effect. You’ll never want to leave. What’s more, stores offer free embroidery in Calvin Klein’s proprietary font.

The collaboration is Calvin Klein’s first foray into new technologies and Amazon Fashion’s highest-profile fashion project. Chances are, it won’t be Amazon’s last. The exposure both companies are getting from teaming up—and having a campaign fronted by Lilly Singh and Karlie Kloss—seems too good to be a one-time-only affair.


The Calvin Klein x Amazon Fashion pop-ups are open at 545 Broadway, New York, New York, 10012 and 1444 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, California, 90401 and online at

Christian MacDonald | Photographer

Karla Welch | Stylist

Jessica Bennett | DP

Shay Ashual | Hair Stylist

Kristi Matamoros | Makeup Artist

Yuko Tsuchihashi | Manicurist

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