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Willy Vanderperre - Photographer

Raf Simons - Chief Creative Officer

Olivier Rizzo - Stylist

Lucia Pieroni - Makeup

Anthony Turner - Hairs

Megumi Yamamoto - Manicure

Piers Hanmer - Set Design

Ashley Brokaw - Casting

“Calvin Klein is not only about iconic underwear and jeans – it’s about so much more.” - Raf Simons

Calvin Klein By Appointment

Handcrafted and made to measure in NYC

Brought to you by Calvin Klein INC:

From iconic underwear to bespoke fashion

Presented in the photographic tradition of Calvin Klein:

Utilizing billboards, newspapers and the Internet

A new departure for Calvin Klein:

The NYC atelier’s celebrity by-appointment service becomes an individual line

A different departure for Calvin Klein:

No longer solely for celebrities, rather an open made-to-measure service


A tribute to the Calvin Klein atelier:

A full range of handcrafting skills from embroidery to tailoring

“Calvin Klein By Appointment 1-14 is very much about celebrating the American woman and American fashion.”

—Raf Simons, Chief Creative Officer Calvin Klein

“It is driven by character; it’s about a woman feeling empowered and being her own person in what she wears.”

—Pieter Mulier, Creative Director Calvin Klein

A collection of 14 distinct looks presented photographically, in ‘real life’ media: Photographed by Willy Vanderperre, Styled by Olivier Rizzo

A cast of distinct individuals brings the idea to life: Chosen for who they are, where an essential strength of character is key.

Whether famous or unknown, all are treated equally.

‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, 2000s, Now:

Decades of American fashion are conflated and paid homage to for CKBA 1-14

Embroidered, tailored, considered:

A traditional, handcrafted sensibility

Cheerleader, Debutante, Majorette:Together with American pragmatism and playful pop iconography.


Abbey Lee Kershaw

Kiki Willems

Millie Bobby Brown

Julia Nobis

Madeline Manning

Jamie Bochert

Selena Forrest

Natalie Westling

Tessa Bruinsma

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